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5 calming candle scents for anxiety


Candles and scents have the power to evoke special memories and induce relaxation in your day. Whether you find yourself suffering from heightened levels of stress, fear and anxiety, or perhaps you simply recognise the importance of taking time out for self care and relaxation, let’s explore the benefits of aromatherapy and introduce you to 5 calming candle scents for anxiety and stress.

How to use candles for stress and anxiety

From improving mood to reducing stress and anxiety, scented candles can have a range of positive healing and therapeutic effects. It’s important to note that to increase your sense of calm; you should enjoy your calming candle scents for anxiety together with a balanced diet and exercise routine, mindfulness practices and time dedicated to relaxation.

Our best candles for anxiety

Chai Latte - Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger & Vanilla

The rich and fragrant scent of Chai Latte offers a variety of natural healing properties. Cinnamon has been said to deliver feelings of refreshment, while ginger can stimulate a warming effect. Clove has been said to help with discomfort within the body, and vanilla can stimulate feelings of relaxation, joy and happiness. This scent perfectly pairs with a quiet afternoon with a plush blanket and a good book. 

Paradis - Patchouli, Amber, Sandalwood & Mint

Inspired by Moonlit Moroccan nights walking through the marketplace, Paradis combines the luxe scent of Sandalwood, believed to have aphrodisiac qualities which relax the mind and body, combined with patchouli, amber and accents of lively mint. 

Happy Hour - Lemongrass, Lime & Black Orchid

Suitably named, Happy Hour contains lemongrass, a purifying scent that can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and eliminate mental fatigue. The lemongrass scent was combined with lime and black orchid to achieve a deliciously refreshing and energising scent.

Barbados - Grapefruit, Blood Orange & Jasmine

Barbados is a heavenly citrus-filled scent, combining grapefruit, blood orange and jasmine for a truly unique and exotic scent experience. The notes of orange can help to reduce stress, and the accents of jasmine can help to increase alertness, promote an overall positive mood.  

Date Night - Caramel, Tangerine, Vanilla & Ginger

Date Night’s comforting vanilla scent can help to increase happiness levels and stimulate feelings of relaxation and joy. We’ve combined this unique scent with sweet caramel and tangerine tones with just a hint of ginger, ideal for spending quality time with yourself or a loved one. 


In such a fast-paced, technological world, feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable to intrusive thoughts is not uncommon. If you find that your calming candle scents for anxiety and self-care practices are not resulting in reduced symptoms of stress and anxiety, you might like to seek support from a trusted friend, family member or trained professional.